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Tenant Placement - Stand Alone Leasing Service

Stand - Alone Leasing Service


- Apartment showings & application processing for prospective tenants. 

- Tenant background, credit profile, and social media lookup

- Processing applicable paperwork (application, deposit acceptance, lease signing (optional), VA / Section 8 voucher, move-in condition statement, pet policy, etc.)  

- Collection of the required security deposit and first months’ rent. 

90 Day Support - If there is an issue with the tenant not paying rent on time or another lease violation that comes up within the first 90 days after the tenant moves in, we welcome landlords to call and ask for our help to try to resolve the situation before it ends in an eviction. In some cases we have been able to help both parties find reasonable resolutions. 

If after all efforts are exhausted the tenant does not workout, our support includes eviction support. We can help connect you with the city Marshal to get it started and help you find an attorney to represent you in court if it comes to that. 

Guarantee We will also re-rent the apartment, at your request, at no additional leasing fee.

Pictures: pictures taken of the property are for listing purposes only, to show off the property and encourage potential renters/buyers to come take a look.  Pictures taken by Green Pea agents are owned by Green Pea and not supplied to the owner or meant to be used as proof of condition of the property in any court proceeding. We are not a professional photography company. 

However, pictures may be provided to the owner on a flash drive for an additional cost of $58

Flat Fee: $800 (or one month’s rent if it is less than $800)

The company will collect its fee when we receive the full first month’s rent and security deposit from the tenant and move-in arrangements have been made in accordance with the property owner’s instructions. 

* If we are doing the Move-in, we collect our fee when we have received the full first month’s rent and security deposit from the tenant(s), the tenant(s) have signed the lease and accepted the keys. 

Rent Collection & Account Mgmt.

Management Services:  

As a general contractor, we wear many hats on behalf of our clients. 

Tenant Support: Tired of answering tenant phone calls? Have them forwarded to my office.     

We will answer your tenant’s calls and respond to their needs accordingly.  We handle tenant complaints, requests for maintenance, fill out forms, prepare and serve notices for noise, garbage and other lease violations, schedule and oversee maintenance (with owner approval), and etc.   

  • Rent Collection: Tenants have the choice to pay online, by mail-in or in person. 
    Our commission is based on the amount of rent collected each month. We don’t get paid on empty apartments or non-paying tenants, so it is in our best interest to keep your apartments rented to responsible rent paying tenants  who will keep it clean and ready to rent to the next tenant, if they ever leave it. 

  • Quarterly Inspections & Pest Prevention: The Company can assign an agent to walk through the building and visually inspect each apartment to see how tenants are living. (such as:  do they routinely keep a lot of dirty dishes or keep garbage in the apartment rather than putting it out each week, or do they have unapproved pets living in the apartment or unreported leaks running up the water bill, etc.); especially with new tenants, we are always looking for excuses to enter their apartments more frequently. 

    If pests are a problem we can recommend a licensed exterminator and can accompany the exterminator each month to make sure all apartment are being treated each on each visit. 

  • Eviction Prevention/ Processing
    We try to go out of our way to keep tenants comfortable and happy to pay their rent on time each month. When that becomes a problem, before considering an eviction, we try to work with them to resolve the issue; rather it is a lease violation they need to correct, conflicts with another tenant, or a maintenance issue that for whatever reason is taking too long to fix.  If it is a rent payment issue, we will try to work out a payment agreement, if we think the tenant will be able to keep up with it. 

If all other options are exhausted and there is still a problem, we will work with the City Marshal or Sheriff’s office to have the tenant served an eviction notice as required by the State Of New York. If the tenant does not leave on the own once having been served, the appropriate paper work with be processed with the court and a hearing date set.  We will show up in court with the property owner or their attorney (or our attorney) if the owner cannot be there or is a corporation. 

- Other services as requested by property owner. 

Management Fees
50% off leasing fees
8% - 15% of total rents and other income collected each month.

Contact:  trishe@greenpeare.com or call (315) 351-2988


Real Estate Sales & Purchasing

Broker - Patricia 'Trishe' Hamilton

My experience has been varied, I have helped clients buy and sell residential income properties for over 10 years, both for rental management clients and local investors. 

I have also worked with FIRST-TIME home buyers looking to settle down and perhaps start a family; and SECOND-TIME home buyers looking to downsize but still want to own their own home.  I have enjoyed the process of meeting and working new clients to find them homes they can make uniquely theirs, and enjoy living in for years to come.

Property Maintenance

Green Pea Real Estate works with local contractors across the Mohawk Valley and CNY who have incentive to prioritizes our calls.

These relationships has served us over the years so that tenant are not waiting long for maintenance requests to be completed, and property owner investors are not waiting long for repairs, and vacancies can be filled in a timely manner.